Placerville Paths

& South Fork River Trails

by Tom Petersen
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Downtown Paths
Downtown Tour
El Dorado East
Gold Bug Park
Lions Park
Eddy Arboretum
El Dorado West

South Fork American River
Wildman Hill
Old Ditch Trail
Dutch Falls
Dave Moore
Magnolia Ranch
Cronan Ranch
South Fork Trail

Folsom Lake Trails
Brown’s Ravine

Sly Park Area
Cedar Park
Jenkinson Lake
Fleming Meadow

Highway 50 East
E.I.D. Ditch
Cable Point
Bridal Veil Falls
Pony Express
Union Valley
Bassi Falls
Ice House
Granite Springs
Lyons Trail
Wright’s Lake
Ralston Trail
Horsetail Falls
Lover’s Leap
Sayles Canyon
Echo Lakes
Hawley’s Grade
Pacific Crest
Caples Creek

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