Magnolia Ranch

12.9 miles from Bell Tower. Easy trail options.                                     MAP

Named for the small long-gone village of Magnolia that once resided along Greenwood Creek, this beautiful riparian prairie now offers easy hiking trails along the river and around its hills. Located between Hastings and Greenwood Creeks, highway 49 and the South Fork of the American River, it also has a trail that connects it to the extensive Cronan Ranch trail system.

Directions: From Placerville take Highway 49 north beyond the Gold Discovery Park about 4 miles and watch for the “river access” signs. There are two parking lots available; one at Greenwood Creek and the larger of the two (horse trailers) a bit further along and across from the Vinezio winery.

The trails wander all around the area and are well defined from use. See map.

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