goygGetOffYourGass.com was created in 2007 by Philip Liberman to provide a source on the web for hikes in the American River watersheds above Folsom Lake. “Get Off Your Gass” was the name Tom Petersen used when he lead hikes in the region during that time period. After several years, software issues had caused the site to go dark. The site was returned to full functionality by volunteers in January 2014.

The material on GetOffYourGass.com was originally published in the following books:

Auburn Outback by Tom Petersen
Georgetown Hiking Trails by Tom Petersen
Lost Trails of the Sierra Nevada by Tom Petersen (formerly titled Trespassers Paradise)
Placerville Paths by Tom Petersen
Take a Hike! by Robert J. Griffis and Evan W. Jones (out of print)

All rights to the materials presented on this website are retained by the authors.

Founder and Original Webmaster: Philip Liberman
Webmaster: Larry Pagendarm

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  1. Tom, I just dug out the print copy you gave me and enjoying it evermore. Hope you’re healthy, hiking and living life fully! Gambolin’ Man

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