Grumman S-2 Crash

38 miles from Georgetown. 12 moderate miles round trip.                   MAP

The story goes that a lonely love struck pilot went temporarily AWOL with his crew and flew from Ft. Ord up to Lake Tahoe to visit his girlfriend. We don’t know why but for whatever reason he didn’t quite clear the mountains of the High Sierra and crashed near Red Peak. This happened during the Viet Nam war where these sturdy planes were used by the navy for operations along the Viet Nam coast. No one survived the crash and the wreckage is scattered around.

Directions: From the Van Vleck wilderness parking lot, 6 miles in on Cheese Camp Road from Ice House Road, you hike out on the main road east towards Shadow lake for 1 mile to the Red Peak trail. It’s well marked by a big post. Hike about 5 miles out past the junction trail to Lake No. 3 (great swimming there) and stay right towards the Barrett Lake area. Just as the trail begins to go downhill watch for a faint trail going R that’s marked with a pile of rocks. Less than a mile down the trail you find a landing gear in a small creek and most of the wreckage can be found beyond there.

The trail is fairly easy but uphill along the Bassi Creek.

GPS Reading: Grumman Crash (site)————38°55.224 N 120°14.198 W

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