Auburn Outback

by Tom Petersen
To purchase a hard copy click HERE

Easy Hikes
Old Town
Tree Tour
A.R.D. Parks
Overlook Park
Recreation Park
Railhead Park
School Park
Regional Park
Meadow Vista Park
Ashford Park

Canyon Trails East
Upper Stagecoach
Flood/Mossy Rock
Boole Road
Indian Creek/Windy Point
Codfish Falls

Canyon Trails West
Placer Land Trust
Cardiac Bypass
N.I.D. Ditch
Western States
Pioneer Express
Tamaroo Bar
Pardner Rock
Murphy’s Gate
Manzanita Trail
Full Moon Beach

Foresthill Divide Trails
Mammoth Bar
Divide Bike Loop
Long Point Fuel Break
Driver’s Flat Trails
Peachstone Gulch
Three Queens

El Dorado Trails
Quarry Trail
North Fork Cliffs
Cronan Ranch
South Fork Trail
Peninsula Trails

Far Out Trails
Placer Big Trees
Grouse Falls
Lost Tillotson

Farther Out
Hidden Falls
Weimer Institute

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