Downtown Tree Tour


Also known as the “Auburn Trail of Treasured Trees“, this walk is unique and different, and presents a look at the many unusual trees that have been planted around downtown Auburn since its very beginning. The tour was developed by the Auburn Area Urban Forestry Group to recognize and protect trees of interest around Auburn’s downtown area.

You can start your walk anywhere around the loop but for description the walk starts at the “Welcome to Auburn” sign in old town at Lincoln Way and Park Street. A beautiful guide brochure is available from AAUFG, PO Box 9283 Auburn, CA 95604 or call 916-782-1011.

The trees are numbered along the sidewalk on leaf markers and identified by metal tags on each tree. Total walk is about 1 mile.

1. Deodor Cedar 18. Tulip Tree
2. American Sweet Gum 19. Trident Maple
3. (gone) 20. Ginko Biloba
4. Red Maple 21. Pin Oak
5. Saucer Magnolia 22. Chestnut-Leaved Oak
6. Glossy Privet 23. Sycamore
7. Loquat Tree 24. Date Palm
8. Colorado Blue Spruce 25. Raywood Ash
9. River Birch 26. Japanese Maple
10. Southern Magnolia 27. Japanese Yew
11. Incense Cedar 28. Chinese Photinia
12. Western Redbud 29. Atlas Blue Cedar
13. Chinese Pistache 30. Valley Oak
14. Italian Cypress 31. Japanese Maple
15. Sweet Olive 32. Chinese Hackberry
16. Dwarf Alberta Spruce 33. Modesto Ash
17. California Fan Palm

These trees are from all around the world. The only trees native to Auburn would be number 11, 12, and perhaps 30. The rest are imported.

Some of Auburn’s native trees are the Black oaks and Blue oaks, the Canyon and Interior live oaks, the Madrone and Manzanita, the Gray pines (previously known as Digger pine), Ponderosa pines, and the Incense cedar.

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