Georgetown Hiking Trails

by Tom Petersen
To purchase a hard copy click HERE

Easy Trails
Nature Area
Traverse Creek

Otter Creek Trails
Cock Robin
Otter Creek

Middle Fork Trails
American Canyon
Wendell Robie
Western States

Rock Creek Trails
Little Silver
Mace Mill Loop
Sugarloaf Mountain
One Eye Creek

Other Trails
University Falls
Mt. Ballarat Flume
New Slide Point
B-17 Crash
Pardner Rock

South Fork Trails
Cronan Ranch
Monroe Ridge
Dave Moore
Red Shack

Lower Rubicon
Nevada Point
Buckeye Flat

Upper Rubicon
Lawyer Bar
Slide Point
Ellicott’s Trail
Hunters Trail
Frey Trail
South Fork

Far Out Trails
Loon Lake
Tell’s Peak Area
Upper Hell Hole
Red Star Ridge

Obscure Trails
New Orleans Gulch
Bald Mountain Canyon
Old Rubicon

2 Responses to Georgetown Hiking Trails

  1. Tom Petersen says:

    Since Cronan Ranch and Magnolia opened the GT USFS trails have had declining use. But trails fit for horses and historically used are: Nevada Point, Otter Creek, Robie, Western States, American Canyon, Mar Det, and Hunters (closed due to fire for now), and Cronan and Magnolia.


  2. Bill Langenfeld says:

    Hi, I live in Cool CA close to Georgetown CA and purchased the Georgetown Trail Guide in paperback and would like to know which trails are horse friendly. i.e. too rocky, too steep, too much granite to climb etc. for a normal trail horse.
    Thank You, Bill


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