Ellicott’s Trail

28 miles from Georgetown. Moderate/steep 4 miles R.T.               MAP

FS 13E13 Robbs Peak Quad sec 26 connects Uncle Tom’s to Ellicott bridge

This old trail used to be the only way to Ellicott’s ranch (1890’s) from Uncle Tom’s cabin. The upper section was abandoned because it crosses SPI land and a detour was built to connect it to FS 13N91. That detour is mostly used by OHV and few hikers use the old trail anyway as it has been superseded by Eleven Pine Road 11N08. The trail comes down about ¼ mile before the bridge where it can be seen alongside the road. It also had a side trail to Slide Point trail. Trail needs clearing of down trees but they are dissuading OHV use in the mean time.

This trail was the easiest way for early travelers to get to Ellicott’s Ranch from Uncle Tom’s cabin, until 1964 when Ellicott’s bridge was built for Eleven Pines Road to cross the Rubicon River. If you look upstream from the bridge you can see remnants of the old crossing where the trail used a low-level bridge that frequently washed away from seasonal high water.

Ellicott’s ranch was a way station operating in the 1890’s. I still find it difficult to imagine people living year-round at its remote location.

Directions: This one is easy to reference from the bridge. Go to the approach side from Georgetown and turn Right, just before the bridge, into a large parking lot sized area. Park somewhere close and look for a trail that heads uphill from the area marked with a plastic sign.

The trail heads up briefly before swinging to the right and paralleling the road coming down to the bridge. It slowly leaves the road and climbs steeper, working its way up out of the canyon. About one half mile from the T.H the trail intersects the abandoned Slide Point Trail on the right; stay left and continue uphill. The trail sneaks through some old-growth trees until you reach a junction just below a clear cut. The weird deal here is that the original, long used, and practical trail continued up along the drainage and met the Wentworth Springs Road about a half mile on. In 1985 this was one of the most beautiful old trails around—anywhere. It climbed through an ancient forest with spring flowers galore and morel mushrooms along the waysides. Then it suffered a logging operation that was, well, shameful. To add insult to injury the U.S.F.S. built the “new” detour trail that no one uses, that goes south from here until it intercepts spur road (13N31). Ho Hum.

2 Responses to Ellicott’s Trail

  1. Philip says:

    My wife spoke to the ranger at the Georgetown Ranger station on November 9. She said that Ellicott’s Bridge is closed. The heat of the fire “cooked” the asphalt. The ranger said she had no idea when the roads would be repaired and ready to reopen. I drove to Loon Lake 10 days ago. Wentworth Springs Road & Ice House Road were clear & open.


  2. Hello yes I was around there recently and noticed many logging trucks in that area


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