University Falls

Due to overuse and abuse, this area is currently closed to the public.

11.8 miles from Georgetown. Moderate 5.6 miles round trip.              MAP

This is a popular trail despite efforts over the last few years to discourage that popularity. Injuries and the resulting rescue efforts cost the local emergency agencies dearly each summer when people fall on the rocks, usually with the help of alcohol, and it isn’t an easy place to get in and out of. There’s 4 waterslides on polished granite but the lowest one doesn’t get much use because it has a more dangerous exit. Please use caution here as people have died from falls on the rocks.

Directions: Go 11.8 miles on Wentworth Springs Rd. and park near the stout yellow gate at the east side of Quintette.

The trail follows a road for .6 miles where you fork L on F.S. 12N67B for another .9 miles to bear R (not straight) onto the ditch road that you follow another .9 miles to take a spur trail L that takes you down to the creek. The falls are downstream a short distance.

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