Tamaroo Bar

2.1 miles from Auburn Courthouse. Moderate-steep 5 miles round trip.

The American River sometimes puts on an awesome display of power when it swells to higher levels and churns against the canyon walls that try to contain it. The winter of 2010/11 disfigured the bar known as Tamaroo by separating the bar from the mainland. It’s still a great place to visit but you’ll have to wade the river to get there! Located directly below Robie Point this place has recently been made easier to get to thanks to the resurrection of an old trail that was long ago overgrown.

Directions: There are several different ways to get to Tamaroo; best to look at the maps which include starting from Overlook park on the WST, starting from Robie Point, starting from the gate at Railhead park on the old haul road. I like to take the WST from Overlook about ½ mile where a smaller trail going R will take me down to the unpaved road above the pump station. Go L there and it’s easy to follow all the way down to Tamaroo.

The trail access from Robie Point (the shorter but steeper way), take the road down from behind Gate #134 .2 of a mile to the WST. Go L only 200 feet and find the steep trail going off the R side. This drops steeply down to the old railroad grade. Go directly across and continue on the old resurrected trail which will take you down to what’s called Tamaroo road. Go Left down to the river and you are there. Back up on the railroad grade you can go R and have an easier walk to the Tamaroo road but you’re further away from Tamaroo that way (makes a good loop hike though).

Somebody has made a nice trail that follows along the river bank from Tamaroo Bar all the way to the pump station downstream. This also lends itself for a pleasant riverside loop hike. Take your pick it’s all good.

Mystery lurks in the details. Who moved Tamaroo Bar? Older topo maps show Tamaroo downstream across from Salt Creek.

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