N.I.D. Ditch

4 miles from Auburn Courthouse. Easy 2-4 miles.                                  MAP

It doesn’t get any easier than this! If you’d enjoy an easy walk with great views of the river this one is hard to beat. Popular with locals from the surrounding neighborhoods, this trail is along a working cemented canal formerly known as the Shirland canal. It still transports water from Auburn down to Penryn and beyond, but most of its extended length is off limits by the home-owners whose backyards are above the canal.

This part of the canal is within the ASRA and well used by hikers, walkers, some bikes, and many dog walkers. (Caution: the trail has some places with cliffs so supervise young children). Water is slow-moving and shallow in the canal.

Directions: Best access is from Maidu Drive across from the PCWA work center, next to the $ parking lot for China Bar. There is free parking along Maidu beyond the “No Parking” signs. You can also get on the canal near Overlook Park, Canyon View Community Center, or Canyon View development along Eagle’s nest.

The trail goes west from the parking lot for about 2 miles to Eagles Nest Road where it continues on private lands. You can walk upstream along the canal behind the PCWA work center, cross Maidu, and continue another mile and a half to Overlook Park.

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