Little Silver Trails

6.5 miles from Georgetown. Easy—moderate options.                            MAP

Little Silver creek is a tributary of Rock Creek and drains the watershed west of the Mace Mill Ridge. The trail was closed to OHV after a new bridge/route was opened up between Mace Mill and Darling Ridge. Hikers only right now.

Directions: Take Wentworth Springs Rd. east 4.5 miles and turn R on Balderson Rd. Go almost another mile and turn R on Darling Ridge Rd. (sign reads “Bear Creek 6). Proceed on D.R. Rd. for 1.1 miles ignoring the unpaved road on the right at .6 miles (Grey Eagle Road). The trailhead is on the left and has a sign 11E19.

This trail goes east from D.R. Rd. through a wooden barricade and winds down through big treed forest, crossing wood bridges over small creeks. This trail offers many side trails that connect to a maze of other trails. Confusing sometimes even with the F.S. map. Many loops and options for hiking are available but listen for dirt bikes and watch for occasional horses here.

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