Weimar Institute

11.3 miles from CH. 15 miles easy-moderate options.                                    MAP

With a lengthy record of helping people enjoy a healthier life-style, the Weimar Institute started as a tuberculosis sanitarium in 1919. Abandoned in 1962 with the closure of many state funded hospitals, it was purchased by the Seventh-Day Adventist church to become what it is today, a learning center and lifestyle conference grounds that includes many miles of walking trails around its 457 acres.

If you happen to be there during the lunch hour visitors are also welcome to purchase a vegan meal at the cafeteria. The institute also has a small store that sells books, beverages, snacks, and unique gifts.

On the grounds hikers can visit the interesting “Moses’ Rock,” where water flows out of a rock, or the sobering cemetery in the N/E corner of the facility where so many victims of the TB epidemic are buried, or the many miles of pleasant trails meandering through the groves of pine and manzanita.

Directions: From Auburn jump on I-80 east and go 10.6 miles to the West Paoli exit, bear Left and follow the signs to the Weimar Institute which is back across the highway not far from your exit. A visitor’s center at the entrance welcomes guests with a facilities map and information. It’s right next to the parking lot.

The trails are obvious and numerous going all around the grounds of the facility. Trails are mostly easy, some include short climbs, and the flat Bear River canal also cuts through the Institute and can be hiked to the outside of the property. Many local residents around the Institute are familiar with the layout of the trails and use the canal to enter the grounds. Access can also be gained from Nob Hill Drive on the west side.

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