Bridal Veil Falls

19.5 miles from Bell Tower. Short, easy choices.                                      MAP

Bridal Veil Falls has been a popular stopping place along Highway 50 for as long as the route has been used, and it still offers a shady respite from the rigors of summer travel. With recent improvements, access to the river area now requires a $5 fee, but the waterfall is still free. The trails are short and easy, with an interpretive nature trail to entertain and educate us about the wonders of our National Forest.

Directions: Hard to miss going east from Placerville, first you see the waterfall (still free), at around 19 miles along the right side of the highway, then the picnic/hiking area on the left about 1/3 of a mile further east.

The nature trail is accessed from the first parking lot you come to heading down to the river. The river area is best accessed from a trail at the end of the road. Great for picnics here along the sonorous south fork of the American River.

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