Manzanita Trail

3.7 miles from Auburn Courthouse. Easy 2 miles, one way.                   MAP

Canyon trails are effectively separated by Highway 49 between Murphy’s gate and Stagecoach with the exception of this trail which offers a convoluted way to get back and forth. Manzanita splits off from the Stagecoach trail about midway up to the top to take hikers to the ASRA office where you can carefully cross the highway and use the Park Access trail to drop down to the Western States. This allows you to return to the confluence area or continue up canyon to where-ever.

Directions: About 1 mile down Stagecoach from Russell road or 1 mile up from the confluence the Manzanita drops off the lower edge heading south. About ¼ mile from its start an oasis of sorts reveals itself hidden in a fig grove. Overheated dogs and even people love it! A rare cool spot on a hot summer day.

The trail gently drops down for about a mile to park headquarters where you find access blocked by a large pile of logs and brush—guess they don’t want company as they have a detour trail that climbs up to Canyon Way trail, hoping you’ll take that back to Auburn, but you can take it Left back down to park headquarters if you wish to head for the river.

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