Boole Road

12 miles from Auburn Courthouse. Easy-moderate 5-7 miles.

Boole road is the last access to the North Fork American River before Ponderosa road at Weimar. Of course you have to walk it today as it is gated to vehicle traffic. And the walk is a pleasant one, easy-moderate-to steep (at the river); it gains access to the upper end of Lake Clementine. Years ago jeeps used to drive Boole road to the river, then drive up the river bars to exit at Ponderosa road. With modern environmental sensitivity that is no longer allowed. There is a 2 mile (RT) side hike to a lime kiln.

Directions: From the Courthouse get on I-80 and go 9.5 miles to the Applegate exit. Turn R on Crother road and go L on Applegate road for .3 miles, turn R on Boole road and go 1½ miles to the trailhead where 4 blue posts block OHV traffic from access to the trail.

The trail is the old road that goes 2.5 miles to the river. About 1.5 miles down a level side road will take you to an old lime kiln about 1 mile from the main way. Lime kilns were used to heat limestone to high temperature for the making of cement.

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