Overlook Park

Located on Pacific Street where it becomes Pleasant Avenue and close to Railhead Park, this is the site of the now abandoned visitor’s center for the Auburn Dam project. Now a large parking lot for Pow-Wows and river festivals, it also has a grand view of the river canyon a thousand and one feet below.

Besides having a skateboard park, it is also a staging area for walking or horsing around on the nearby Western States Trail towards Lake Tahoe, or the Pioneer Express Trail towards Folsom Lake and Sacramento. Free parking and no day use fees (so far) makes it a favorite jumping off point for bicycle rides or runs. Restrooms and water are both available here.

The skateboard park is designed for skaters of beginning to advanced abilities and is open from dawn to dusk. Helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads are required but seemingly not enforced. No bikes are allowed however.

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