Lover’s Leap

44 miles from Bell Tower. Moderate 1.2 miles, one way.                             MAP

If travelers along Highway 50 knew about this great walk near at hand, there would be a lot more people stopping to enjoy it. What a great view for so little effort. The face of this granodiorite dome is very popular with rock climbers, who can choose from dozens of different routes to the top. For hikers there are two main trails to the top; one from 42 Mile Road and the easier way from Camp Sacramento.

Camp Sacramento is operated by the City of Sacramento and is host to the trailhead and provides a parking area for it. Drive into the camp and park in the small lot just across the bridge. The trail starts behind Cabin 53. If the main gate is closed (before June 1) you must park across Highway 50 in the Sayles Flat parking lot, and try to cross the highway without getting run over.

About ½ mile up the trail you meet the Pony Express Trail crossing the trail on its way to Sayles Canyon.

Be careful when you arrive at the top as there are possible climbers coming up from below—don’t knock rocks off that might knock their noggins.

Peregrine Falcons often nest in the cliffs below causing the closure of some of the climbing routes.

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