Sierra Pacific Industries

Numerous locations. Miles of easy hikes.                                                 MAP

This land is now owned by Sierra Pacific Industries but was once owned by the Mich-Cal. Lumber Co. and many of the old signs are still posted to deter people from entering their land. Their lands are widely scattered around Georgetown with lots out around Bottle Hill, Peavine Ridge, and the largest holdings on the east side of the Divide from Stumpy Meadows and west of Sand Mt. Blvd. to Slate Mountain. Their roads are blocked by many gates.

I was told by Rich (Something) head of operations for S.P.I. that the company “does not have a problem with hikers using their lands for recreation.” He did say they discourage OHV and 4WD use however, which causes a lot of damage to their roads.

SPI has a lot of USFS (public land) “locked up” because it’s isolated and land locked behind their gates. The USFS has in most cases honored the private interests over the public right to access. We must walk around the gates, sometimes for miles, to reach some of our old trails. Peavine Ridge is a good example and Roanoke.

Mich-Cal closed the old historic and public road which extended the Mosquito Rd. from Sand Mt. Blvd. all the way to Wentworth Springs Rd. above Stumpy Meadows in the 1980’s. This route, known as The King’s Meadow Highway, denies access to U.S.F.S. land now locked behind gates. The closure was protested to no avail. Just look at an El Dorado National Forest map to see all the public land difficult to get to with the roads closed (its shown in green within the S.P.I. white sections).

My favorite access points to SPI are from Sand Mountain Boulevard out of Quintette, Mosquito Road, Po Ho Ridge Road, and Rock Creek Road. There are many others.

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