South Fork Trail

30 miles from Georgetown. Different options, all steep.                           MAP

This trail basically follows the South Fork of the Rubicon River all the way to Crystal Basin Rd. F.S. 13N28. and the South Fork C.G.

More importantly it gains access to the Old Rubicon Trail on the other side of the river from Hunter’s Trail.

Directions: The trail leaves the main trail about 2 miles in from Ellicott’s bridge at a pretty obvious intersection that diverges downhill from the main trail. The trail goes down to a fairly popular campsite on the river’s edge near a deep pool. With caution and low river flow, you can cross the river upstream on rocks and find the trail climbing up and away from the river on the north side of the South Fork.

The trail climbs steeply up for about ½ mile to intersect the Old Rubicon Trail going L, and the South Fork Trail going R. From here you can take South Fork trail 4 miles to Ice House Road, or take Old Rubicon Trail north for 7-8 miles to Parsley Bar.

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