Steve’s Private Trail

25 miles from Georgetown. Easy 6 miles round trip.                          MAP

GPS Reading: Steve’s trail trailhead———–38°56.250 N 120°28.771 W

Here’s a good example of a bad project built for dirt bike riders on public land. In 2002 Steve Joyce built a trail for his riding friends of the High Sierra Motorcycle Club of Sacra-mento. Apparently the USFS was not aware of the project but it may be a case of them looking the other way, for it’s hard to believe that they would condone the destruction of our old historic flume that for years transported water to the folks of Georgetown and beyond.

The trail uses the terrace of the South Fork Ditch that was used from 1874-1961. It became obsolete when Stumpy Meadows reservoir was built.

Directions: Take Wentworth Springs Rd. for about 25 miles to the first overlook of the canyon past the upper end of Uncle Tom’s side-road. Highway marker 24.32 is close by and its across from two locked green gates (SPI again).

The trail begins on a logging road that is somewhat hidden below the main road but connects to the main road just west of the Saddle. The trail goes east following the 5100 ft. elev. contour. After about 3 miles it ends abruptly at a bad washout on the flume but a side route climbs up and back to the main road just west of the washout.

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