8.5 miles from Georgetown. Moderate 4 miles round trip.                    MAP

This trail is a segment left over from a historical stock trail that used to go from the ranger station to Bald Mt. Much of the original route is closed (and gated) for private property but the entire route is still shown on current topo maps. This section goes from Mace Mill Rd. down to a pleasant place on Rock Creek then on up to Rock Creek Road. Most folks just go to the creek and back.

Directions: Drive Wentworth Springs 4.5 miles to Balderson turn R for 2 miles to another R on Mace Mill Rd. Go 2.5 miles and watch for F.S. 12N31 on the left. Park nearby.

The trail drops from the spur road moderately down to gentle Rock Creek. The trail on the east side has been completely rebuilt with switchbacks to help motorcycles up a previously difficult route. Back at the creek hikers will enjoy going upstream for good camping or picnicking.

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