Eddy Arboretum

4 miles from Bell Tower. (Closed on weekends) Easy.

Anyone who likes trees will probably want to stroll through a grove of them gathered from all over the world. This opportunity is available at the Eddy Arboretum. Since 1926 when the first groves were planted, the Institute of Forest Genetics has continued to research the growing of a better tree. One of their more famous projects—the moon trees—involved sending some Redwood seeds around the moon on an Apollo mission, growing those trees, then dispersing them around the state for planting. You can visit one of these moon trees at our California state capitol grounds where it grows amongst other fascinating trees gathered from around the world.

The trail is a self-guided tour on the property of the center. It follows an easy path through many trees, each labeled with placards with name and country of origin.

Directions: Go east from the bell tower on Main St. ¾ miles to turn L on Carson Rd. Then go 2 ½ miles to 2480 Carson Rd. This place loves to give tours, for information 530-622-1225.

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