Indian Creek

(North Fork American River {N.Fk.Am.R.})

Hike # 19

Directions to Trailhead: Follow I80 to just west of Colfax and take Canyon Way exit. Turn right onto Canyon Way and drive 0.7 miles to the “T”. Turn left on Yankee Jim Rd. Drive 4 miles down Bunch Canyon, park on either side of the historical suspension bridge at the river. Locate trail by walking upstream on the east side of the river, crossing Shirttail Creek (care!).

Trailhead UTM: 10 S 06 81 676 43 23 164

Topographic Map: Colfax 7.5’

Elevation: 898’ to 1148’ (1524’ total elevation gain)

Distance: 4 miles round trip

Difficulty: Easy

Jurisdiction: Auburn State Recreation Area

Trail description: Challenging crossing of Shirttail Creek restricts this trail to periods of low water. Bedrock mortars and a metate slick are visible near the creek, after crossing Shirttail Creek. At each trail junction, take the right fork. (The left forks will lead you to the river, and access to gravel bars and pools. Inviting swimming pools abound along the trail. Stay on these access trails to reach the riverbank as attempting to climb down the steep slopes is dangerous). It is 2 miles to Indian Creek and you will cross two drainages before reaching the creek. The first drainage is usually dry in the summer. Then you will almost immediately cross Salvation Ravine and its small creek. Indian Creek is about a 10minute walk after crossing Salvation Ravine. Pleasant picnic spots exist on Indian Creek. There is a profuse display of wildflowers in spring.

Campsites: Many campsites exist along the river.

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