Lake Clementine Trail

16 miles from Georgetown. Easy 2 miles one way.                          MAP 

Can we speculate about who built this little known trail along the shoreline of Lake Clementine? I just discovered it by accident snooping around the boat ramp area one winter day while the host was gone. During boating season a host camps in a motorhome near the boat ramp and dock area where Lower Clementine Road ends. His presence hides the little trail that begins there and wanders along the shore. The trail may have evolved from poor fishermen without boats, but there are signs of very old trail work along its path.

Clementine Lake was built by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1938 to catch debris from upstream hydraulic mining. The lake is about 6 miles long and hard to access except by boat.

Placer Co. has ambitious plans to build a “capitol to capitol” trail from Sacramento to Carson City along the south side of the North Fork American. This trail has been tentatively flagged along a possible route that includes some of this little trail. The trail is controversial as it has now turned into a “multi-purpose” road 6 feet wide! Private property also interferes with a practical route.

Our trail fizzles out across from the large rock formation known as Robber’s Roost, (see Lime Rock), not far I suspect from an old fire road that comes down to the lake from the Foresthill Road. It would be nice to punch the trail through to the firebreak road and make a loop hike possible.

Along the way one might notice what appears to be some very old retaining walls which seem to indicate that this trail may have been built as long ago as when the dam was built.

Perhaps they intended to make a trail all the way around the lake at one time but changed their minds? Who knows? I don’t.

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