Pardner Rock

13 miles from Georgetown. Steep 4 miles round trip.                              MAP

With some work this could be a great trail down to the North Fork of the American River. It is shown on the 1949 quad/topo map for Auburn. It once connected the ranches behind Cool to the Robie Point area of Auburn. A ferry used to shuttle travelers across the river. Today the trail is faint from the Olmstead trail, but gets more defined as it drops into the canyon and twists its way down to the river.

Directions: Drive to Cool and park behind the fire station. You take the trail towards the quarry then loop around on the Olmstead but take the homesteader’s road that shortcuts N. The Pardner Rock trail is an extension of this old road, cross-coun-try. The trail starts out falling gently along the East side of a small creek drainage, traverses across a creek, then drops steeply down to the river.

The Friends of the Nature Area are happy to welcome volunteers for work projects inside the nature area. For information contact Susan Whittington at the BOMSD, 530-333-8350.

James White was a man of the outdoors. He perfected the art of sauntering; turning hikes into gentle walks.

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