Rock Creek – Fisherman’s Trail

11 Miles from Georgetown. Easy mile plus.                                                MAP

GPS Reading: Rock Creek trailhead————–38°50.798 N 120°44.850 W

This trail has evolved from yearly use by fishermen hiking downstream from a seldom used camping area near the Ballarat Crossing on Rock Creek. The Ballarat Crossing used to be a bridge which connected the southern end of Darling Ridge to the Slate Mine area and offered a shortcut to the town of Mosquito. I believe the bridge washed out during the flood of 1964 and has since required a very circuitous detour of about 25 miles. The crossing is still used by OHV’s to cross Rock Creek, but of course hikers can also wade the shallow crossing here. (Good way to get to Slate Mt. Mine)

Directions: From G.T. go 5 miles on Wentworth Springs Rd. to turn R on Balderson Rd., go 1 mile and turn R on Darling Ridge Rd., go 4.5 miles to turn L on F.S. 12N84. In less than a mile turn L on 12N81 which forks left at a locked gate. Park here without blocking the road.

The trail is the road down into the canyon for about 1 1/2 miles but just before the final drop to the creek watch for a road going downhill to the Right; take this to a log landing where a trail can be found continuing down to the creek. The trail follows the creek through lush gardens of ferns and old growth Douglas Fir and Pine. There is quite the variety of wildflowers here in the spring.

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