Sailor Meadow

(North Fork American River {N. Fk. Am. R.})

Hike # 7

Directions to trailhead: Follow I80 to Auburn and take the Foresthill Rd. exit. Drive 17 miles to the Mosquito Ridge Rd. junction (on the right). Set trip meter to 0.0 and continue straight on Foresthill Rd. 27.4 miles to Robinson Flat campground. Turn sharply to the left onto an unpaved road signed to Soda Springs. Reset trip meter to 0.0. At 2.8 miles find a wide area in the road. Look for a 6 foot high cairn of rocks set in the cleft of a tree on the right (south), about 50 feet off the road. The trailhead is nearly opposite this cairn, on the north side of the road. Avoid climbing (thus damaging) the steep shoulder of the road.

Trailhead UTM: 10 07 18 584 43 38 971

Topographic map: Royal Gorge 7.5’

Elevation: 6754’ to 5578’ (1332’ total elevation gain)

Distance: 3 miles round trip

Difficulty: Moderately strenuous

Jurisdiction: Tahoe National Forest

Trail description: Grand views of Snow Mountain and Castle Peak may be seen as you follow a ridge north from the trailhead. Near the end of this ridge, the trail turns sharply to the right (eastward). The trail follows the slope downward, and then follows an exposed volcanic ridge, as it once again turns northward. As the trail levels after a long descent, look for a route opening to the left. (If you pass a long pond on the left, you have gone too far.) A WSW compass heading will lead around the north side of Sailor Meadow. The trail will cross a creek near the meadow. Fallen trees can be used as a bridge. Bedrock mortars are evident near the meadow, under gigantic old growth cedars and pines.

Campsites: Camping and campfires are not recommended!

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