Wildman Hill

TRAIL ALERT: The bottom section of the Wildman Hill trail is now closed due to a boundary dispute.

GPS Readings: Wildman Hill trailhead———–38°46.388 N 120°49.646 W


In 2006 this 238 acres of land was acquired by the ARC and added to the BLM managed lands already set aside along the South Fork. (see map). Access to the land is from Highway 193 a couple of miles above Chile Bar. Two very steep trails drop down to the river.

We used to hike along the abandoned ditch from Chile Bar downstream along the north bank. This route became blocked by a house that was built along the way. So now the only legal route is down one of the steep trails from 193. The property has the charming Kelsey Creek falling through it and it runs all year with many waterfalls. The creek is an oasis of green in a sea of chemise and chaparral.

Near the top of the largest waterfall an old mining ditch traverses the hillside, crosses the creek, and runs east and west. This ditch would make a wonderful trail to adjoining parcels.

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