Euchre Bar – Foresthill (Humbug)

(North Fork American River { N. Fk. Am. R.})

Hike # 14

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Directions to trailhead: Follow I80 to Auburn and take the Foresthill Rd. exit. Drive 17 miles to the Mosquito Ridge Rd. junction (on the right). Set trip meter to 0.0 and continue straight on Foresthill Rd. At 11.3 miles, turn left onto Elliot Ranch Road. (Caution; road suitable for 4WD vehicles when the road is wet or snow covered). At 0.5 miles, take the right fork. The trailhead is on the right side of the road, 1.1 miles from the fork. Park safely off of road.

Trailhead UTM: 10 S 06 95 879 43 36 689

Topographic Map: Westville 7.5’

Elevation: 4176’ to 2052’ (3335’ total elevation gain)

Distance: 9.2 miles round trip to the river and 11.1 miles round trip if you go to the trail end at the American Eagle mine.

Difficulty: Strenuous

Jurisdiction: This trail follows the old Dorer Ranch Road, and passes through private property. Care should be taken to stay on the trail. At the river, jurisdiction is Tahoe National Forest.

Trail description: Follow trailhead sign, passing through green gate.“Euchre” was the name for a French card game once popular among miners of the region. If you can safely cross Humbug Creek, walk about 1 mile upriver to American Eagle Mine (boiler tubes and compressor). Stone house is on south side of trail near Humbug Creek. Black Hawk Mine and Dorer Mine are on North side of river.

Campsites: Several nice campsites can be found along the river.

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