One Eye Creek

(Georgetown Divide)

Hike # 33

Directions to trailhead: From Auburn, take Hwy 49 south to Cool. Turn left at stoplight onto Hwy 193. At 12.3 miles, come to a stop sign (Main St.) in Georgetown. Continue straight on Hwy 193 for 5.2 miles to Traverse Creek Rd. Turn left, drive 3.6 miles to an intersection, and bear sharply right on Traverse Creek Rd. Do not continue north (left) on Bear Creek Road. Continue for 1.8 miles and turn right onto a spur road (marked by large brown Off Highway Vehicle {OHV} sign). Drive 0.5 mile to a crossroad marked “One Eye Creek, 1 mile”. Continue straight for 0.8 miles to trailhead sign on the right (high clearance vehicle recommended).

Trailhead UTM: 10 S 06 94 443 43 01 042

Topographic Map: Garden Valley 7.5’

Elevation: 2609’ to 1636’ (1279’ total elevation gain)

Distance: 2.6 miles round trip

Difficulty: Moderately Strenuous

Jurisdiction: El Dorado National Forest

Trail description: This pleasant trail passes through dogwood trees and Douglas firs. There are picnic spots on the banks of Rock Creek. If you cross the creek and walk upstream, you can see an old rock-lined ditch (it is adjacent to, and parallel to, the creek). Also across the creek and downstream is a delightful waterfall. Access to the base of the waterfall is down a precarious path, which should only be attempted with the aid of a proper rope safety line. Return to this trail in the winter (no people, mosquitoes, salt flies, poison oak, snakes, OHVs), and spring (wildflowers, blooming dogwood, ferns, mosses, lichens).

Campsites: There are several campsites near Rock Creek.

Click HERE to view the Georgetown Hiking Trails version of this hike.

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