Placer Big Trees

27 miles from Foresthill. Easy ½ or 1½ mile loop.                                    MAP

How weird are redwood trees in Placer County? Most redwoods around Auburn are aliens planted for landscaping, but this grove of trees is a small remnant grove that is all that remains of massive redwood forests that once extended farther north from the famous Sequoia groves of central California. The grove has 6 redwoods that are estimated at 500-700 years old, and 4 newer trees planted 30 years ago. You will also see big old Doug Fir trees on the hiking loop, and the unusual tan oak.

Directions: From Foresthill go R on Mosquito Ridge Road for 27 miles and turn Right at the sign for the grove. One half mile to the parking lot. There is a choice of a short 3/8ths of a mile loop or the longer 1 ½ mile loop, both easy.

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